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The pre-school ‘ducklings’ class is for children of nursery age (approx 3yrs) who are capable of receiving instruction and eager to be independent.  Adults should come with their swim kit just in case they’re needed but the aim is to get the children used to be in a structured lesson without parent.

This is part play/nursery rhymes and basic floating  & swimming skills.  The instructors get in the water with this class.  This class is 40 minutes in duration. Children should be out of nappies before starting this lesson programme.


SliderPhoto2We operate a pre-school stage 1 – 2 class for existing customers who have been part of the duckling programme and have become quite accomplished.

New customers are not eligible to join this class and must join the duckling programme first.

Children can join mainstream lessons once they have started full time at primary school.

The instructors get in with some of these classes.

We encourage 2 stages within the same class at the lower ability levels as they can easily be taught in the same class & the skills are closely linked.

Also, we like children who have achieved stage 1 to collect a few stage 2 ticks including 10 m on front and 10 m on back before moving to the stage 2 – 3 class as the workload is harder.


All lessons up to stage 3-4 are for a 40 minute duration. The stage 4- 5 class is of 50 minute duration as we need to work harder on stroke techniques.  Once pupils have achieved stage 5, they should move to a larger pool where they can develop their strength by swimming longer lengths. We would advise that you think about moving pools after stage 4 or during stage 5 so that your child can get used to the new environment before the workload increases again.

We have a higher stage squad on Monday evenings at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre for Stages 5 through to 10.